The Surrounding Area and Excursions

Things to See and Do in South Tyrol

For guests who are ready for a trip out of Ortisei, the stunning South Tyrol offers many points of interest, some of which are off the beaten track and others of which are much better known. All of them are concentrated into a single region of only 7,400 square kilomtres. Just over the border with Austria is Innsbruck, which is under two hours drive away. However, the closest cities are Bolzano and Merano which are both rich cultural centres with plenty of history. In Bolzano you can get lost within the ancient arcades and lanes. Take time to visit the museums dedicated to art, nature and history of the Dolomites, such as the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Natural Science.

Among the main attractions to be found at Merano are its famous thermal waters which boast therapeutic properties. In the city, one can encounter many kinds of building with historical and architectural value, such as the elegant Kurhaus made in the Art Nouveau style. There is also Trauttmansdorff Castle which, surrounded by a lush botanical garden, is worthy of a visit. Take the Tappeinerweg walk (about 6 km long) which affords many wonderful views over the city.

There are also many hidden wonders for nature lovers to discover locally. From the 'land of the pyramids' at Renon to the dizzying gorge of Bletterbach, there is so much to view. Don't miss out on the famous waterfalls of Reinbachfälle either! Furthermore, the region is known for its redwood trees which can reach 40 metres in height with circumferences of up to 4.5 metres.

Among the numerous castles and fortresses that you can visit are the Tyrol Castle and the fortress of Fortezza, an immense construction that offers interesting historical and architectural features. There are also numerous Christmas markets held in the run up to the holiday season that guests will love.