LUNA Massages

New Moon Relax Massage

Relax or antistress massage, is a massage of an aesthetic nature that reduces the level of stress in the receiver with beneficial effect on health.
50 min. € 70,-

Candle massage

The candle massage stimulates all 5 senses and has a relaxing, moisturizing and decontracting action. It is created for all those people who need to relax the body but also the spirit and the psyche.
50 min. € 78,-

Hot stone

The hot stone massage promotes relaxation, helps to slow down muscle tension, activates lymphatic drainage and tissue toning, as well as increasing relaxation, reducing stress levels and restoring harmony between body and mind.
80 min. € 125,-

Intensive back program

Wellness and relaxation massage for stressed backs. Cupping is excellent for unblocking the blood and lymphatic systems. The effect of Tibetan singing bowls provides deep relaxation and muscle regeneration. Relieves joint, muscle and sciatic pain.
50 min. € 75,-

Maori Massage

It relieves tension, warms and makes muscles more flexible. It has numerous healing properties and is a valuable aid in the treatment of states of anxiety. It stimulates the metabolism and inner energy.
80 min. € 110,-

Muscle Regeneration with arnica

This massage works directly on muscle contractures. Ideal after an intense workout or hike Arnica is well known for her benefits, especially for external use. In particular, arnica has anti-inflammatory properties.
50 min. € 75,-

Partial decontracture massage

40 min. € 65,-

Sporty leg massage

25 min. € 45,-

Vodder´s manuelle lymphdrainage

Lymphatic drainage has draining and anti-oedematous action, promoting lymphatic circulation and boosting the speed of flow. Last but not least is the regenerative action that helps improve fluid transit and restores adequate circulation to dehydrated and poorly nourished regions.
50 min. € 70,-

Anti cellulite connective tissue massage

This massage reactivates the tissue and dissolves cellulite blockages, stimulates blood circulation and helps the metabolism to burn more fat.
80 min. € 125,-

Partial anti cellulite tissue massage

This massage reactivates the tissue and dissolves cellulite blockages, stimulates blood circulation and helps the metabolism to burn more fat.
50 min. € 80,-




Ayurvedic massage (Abhyanga) is an essential treatment for well-being; it acts on the subject as a whole, body, mind and psyche, with the aim of harmonising the Doshas and eliminating physical and mental toxins.
80 min. € 120,-

Shiro Muka Abhyanga

The Ayurvedic head, face and neck massage is a pleasure for body, senses and soul. The head, face, neck, shoulders and nape are gently kneaded down to the upper body. Warm body oils are massaged in gentle, targeted strokes.
40 min. € 65,-


Marmabhyanga therapy aims to strengthen the body, reconstitute and heal the body by treating the marma points. The aim of Marmabhyangam is to stimulate and, if necessary, also to unblock blocked energy and to restore the normal flow by returning the doshas to their original location.
50 min. € 82,-


Foot massage removes roughness, calluses and stiffness, relieves sleep disorders, nervousness, states of exhaustion and restlessness of the head. At the same time, it strengthens and relaxes the entire organism and acts on all organs and glandular systems.
40 min. € 65,-