A warm bath with a 250-jet water massages and chromotherapy to stimulate the circulation and leave your muscles feeling deeply relaxed. Great before every kind of treatment

Flexibility 20 min. € 35,00

Ideal for muscle pain, before or after sports.

Relaxation of the soul 20 min. € 35,00

Based on essential oils that give back stability and inner strength

Vitality 20 min. € 35,00

Body Wrap for more energy and mental clearness
Ideal for impure skin

Alkaline Gem Stone 20 min. € 35,00

Elimination of acids, very good for joints

Cleopatra - Egypt meets South Tyrol 20 min. € 35,00

With South Tyrolean BIO mountain cream
For very dry skin

Algae marine 20 min. € 30,00

Strong anti-cellulite effect

Dead sea salt and rosemary 20 min. € 38,00

Against joint pain and cellulites, curative on the skin