Hay bath - Original from Alpe di Siusi 40 min. € 48,00

The hay bath is the ideal treatment to rid the body of toxins and provide relief from rheumatic pain.
It is a natural remedy for the common cold

Thyme & stone pine 25 min. € 35,00

It´s a powerful cleansing wrap. the nerve strenghtening herbal combination provides deep relaxation and a renewed feeling of freshness

Salt tonic pack 25 min. € 40,00

Made with shea butter, guarana, birch, Mate Cambogia herbswith a reducing and toning action

Calendula & Chamomile 25 min. € 35,00

The calming ingredients have a balancing effect on sensitive and irritated skin

Cocoa detox body-wrap 25 min. € 35,00

Made with organic detoxifying mud and bitter cocoa, known for its revitalizing and anti-stress properties

Nutrient yogurt and honey body-wrap 20 min. € 35,00

Refreshing moisturizing body wrap suitable for normal and dry skin