Garshan Dren - draining 80 min. € 87,00

Kapha treatment with algae and horse-chestnut for edematous cellulite

Garshan slim - slimming 80 min. € 87,00

Vata with red algae and cinnamon, treatment for hard cellulite

Crio Gamathi - hemolymphatic 55 min. € 68,00

Refreshing draining treatment with caffeine and mint essential oil for swelling, heaviness of the legs and capillary fragility

Kumari - firming 80 min. € 87,00

Body and breast firming treatment with shea-butter, oat and millet extracts

Treatment for light legs - 55 min. €68,00

With "capillary gymnastics": Studied in case of capillary fragiltity and venous problems.
It provides a scrub, vials and bandage based on cold-effect mud and sea salt