Burning Dolomites

An inspiring spectacle of nature in Val Gardena

Sunset hikes in Val Gardena from 12/09/2019 to 01/11/2019


The latest proposal from Val Gardena is certainly one not to miss, for we are offering the chance to see one of the world’s most spectacular natural phenomena. The phenomenon in question is that of the ‘Burning Dolomites’: between mid-September and the beginning of November when the colours of the larches become ever more vivid and the sun as sunset approaches seems to literally burn over was witnessed by residents only or the occasional passer-by, but now Val Gardena has decided to organise events so as to allow all to experience this unique happening. From 12 September to 1 November two different “Experiences”, shall be organised. The ‘Experiences’ will be two guided excursions of a half-day, both focused on allowing participants to admire the ‘burning’ of the Dolomites peaks at sunset. The area is of course a UNESCO World Natural Heritage and in both cases the groups shall return home under torchlight with the starry skies above.



Every Wedenesday

„Burning Dolomites“ from the panorama terrace Sëurasass

Walking time: 3 h
Path length: 5 km
Altitude difference: 400 m (uphill), 400 m (downhill)
Difficulty: medium-heavy
Price: 15€
The price includes the taxi ride and aperitif in the hut.


Every Friday

From Stevia to „Burning Dolomites“ at Alpe Juac

Meeting point: Tourist Office Selva
Starting time: 15:20
Difficulty: difficult hike
Duration: 4 hours
Price : € 0